We craft impactful wellness & beauty brands to create A BRIGHTER FUTURE for the people and the planet.

If you feel like you’re ready for a new level in your business, it’s time to create an elevated and irresistible brand so that your products can get all the attention and love they deserve. We would be honored to become your trusted creative guide as you go through this amazing transformation. Together we will tell your brand’s story through strategic brand, web and packaging design.

We’ll be a great fit if:

You feel that your current branding doesn’t convey YouR true value

As you know, the appearance of the product has a strong impact on the buying decision process. Your brand needs to look professional in order to be perceived as such.

You have troubles defining and reaching your target audience

Your brand will only be appealing to your target audience ONLY if it is built with your ideal client in mind. Together, we create identities that truly appeal to your target audience.


Custom branding is essential for achieving success in business. Our clients are ready to invest in their dream, and we are here to help make those dreams a reality.

Kind Notes

“Julia understood the brief and got it right the first time.

She also had perfect solutions of how to solve design and branding issues for how the products will be designed and certain aspects of the brand would be highlighted in a premium way.”

Kaylyn Sisk |  Botanic Bronze
Meet the founder

At Wildfield Studio, we believe that design is dedicated to help you build a thriving profitable brand that consistently attracts the right people and brings growth.

Hi, I’m Julia, a designer and creative mind behind the studio. I'm a firm believer that your brand's personality, story, and values should shine through your visuals, creating a unique connection with your audience. To make this happen, I blend psychology and strategy into my design process.

When I’m not working on the studio projects, you can find me exploring the great outdoors with my loved ones or enjoying a cozy indoor day with my furry cat friends, a warm cup of herbal tea and binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix. I can't wait to meet you and help bring your brand to life!

A vision alone is not enough. you need a partner who truly grasps and has faith in it to make it come alive.

Whether you’re a new beauty or wellness brand looking to build a visual identity from scratch, or a seasoned brand looking for a complete visual uplift, we’re here to help.