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Branding is definitely an investment in your business, self, and life that we take seriously. Please make sure you’ve taken a look at our services page. Complete the form below & we will get right back to you within 24-48 hours to discuss your needs further & see if we may be a great fit for one another!

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Kind Notes

“Julia has an eye for detail and great aesthetic taste!

She took the time to understand the brand story and guidelines to create designs that fit well within the brand universe. During our communications, she was friendly, patient and quick to reply.”

Mona Mantash  |  Mane Curator


A few things that you may want to know before reaching out to work with us.

We believe that it is better to create one stellar concept than three watered-down options. During the design process we explore tons of different concepts and variations, but there’s always only one solution that would work best for our client’s business. Besides, when you choose from a variety of different options, emotions are going to get involved. And as designers, we are not only creating a brand for our clients, we are creating a brand to appeal to our clients target audience. Our strategic approach allows us to achieve the client’s business goals as well as appeal to their ideal client.

Since we are a brand strategy and design studio at the first place, we do not work with existing brand identities or logos. To make sure your brand is strong and serves you well we start all our projects with a brand strategy and identity design before working on any collateral pieces or websites.

In order for your business to succeed, there needs to be a strategical and purposeful visual system behind your brand. A logo on its own doesn’t solve any business tasks and because of this, we do not offer just logo designs. Choose design investments that will move the needle in your business, not just quick fixes that won't address the core of your business challenges.

We'll send you a link to schedule a complimentary 1:1 consultation call where we can know each other better, figure out if we're able to help with what you're looking for, and answer any questions you may have.

Branding is an investment, and a worthy one. After your 40% project deposit is paid, the remainder will be split up into 2-3 payments to help you spread the investment a bit. However, we do require the project to be paid off in full before sending you the final files.

For most of our projects we use Webflow. It is a very flexible, user-friendly platform that allows to build all kinds of websites, even e-commerce or membership. If, for some reason, Webflow isn’t enough, we will choose the best platform to help you achieve your business goals.