Flos, derived from Latin, translates to "flower" or "blossom." The name perfectly captures the essence of the brand's philosophy, emphasizing the potential of botanical elements for skincare. We drew inspiration from the enchanting beauty of blooming flowers and their transformative properties, infusing these elements into every aspect of the brand identity to create an indulging and eco-conscious skincare experience that resonates deeply with the audience's desires for natural beauty solutions.


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Deeper Meaning

The client had a strong love for floral skincare and wanted a brand that felt connected to nature, sustainability, and individual beauty. She struggled to express her brand's story uniquely and to stand out from competitors. To create the brand identity, we studied the target audience, their values, and the market. We found that the target audience of Flos is females who are drawn to skincare products that prioritize natural ingredients and sustainability. These women value products that are gentle on their skin and environmentally friendly.

We then designed the brand identity to reflect these values, featuring a natural, muted, calm colour palette and a modern, minimalistic logo. Using the insights gained from the research on the target audience's values, skincare struggles, and preferences for natural solutions, we crafted a brand identity for Flos that celebrates the transformative power of flowers, embodies eco-consciousness, and offers a personalized and indulgent skincare experience.

Kind words from the client

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